Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getting Ready

I can not believe that it is DECEMBER 1st tommorrow.  The tree is up and presents are ready to wrap.  I have been thinking of my Christmas cards for a couple of weeks now.  I saw on a relatives blog about Shutterfly.  So I thought I would give them a try.  I LOVE THE CARD TEMPLETES that they have.

Take a look: http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/christmas-cards

So I am going to order my cards early.  Which would be a first.  I am usally sending them out the day before Christmas. 

They are giving away 50 free cards to bloggers.  You can sign up here. http://bit.ly/sfly2010

Most of you I have on my mailing list, but if  you are not and want to see what Shutterfly card templete I picked for our Christmas card, just email me your address.  glendatolman@msn.com

I know that I have alot of catching up to do. I promise to do that soon.  So much has happened the last couple of months that I want to share.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fallow Field Farms

Hey everyone. LOOK its Sunday and I am doing a new post. I just wanted to show everyone what has been consuming all of my time the last couple of weeks. My dear friend Maureen Porter and I have gotten the bug to make these cute adorable cake plates. Soooo here is your invitation to a really neat marketplace where we will be selling these adorable plates.

If you need directions, call me and I will give them to you. You can look at the other vendors that will be there at this blog: Fallow Field Farms.

Also,my cute niece Abby will be there selling these adorable hair bows. Abby's Attic

Hope to see you all there

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Life Is a World Wind

I know, I know everyone has wondered where we have been. Well, we are here. Since last March life has gone crazy. My goal was to update our blog every Sunday. As you can see that did not happen. I had some surgery in May and that threw the whole schedule off. Then summer came along and what can I say, where did the summer go? I am working on a couple of different posts right now so stay tune.

Love to hear from all of you.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Proud To Be Zach's Mom

I started this post back on Mother's Day. As you can see he got his braces off back in April. So here are a couple of pics from that AWESOME day. As you can see he is very HANDSOME!!!

I just want to say I am very proud to be his mother. I dont know what I did to deserve him as my son. This is one kid that know what he wants in life. He sets his mind to something and gets it done. Last spring he wanted to get straight A's for his last sememster at school. Now he gets good grades, but he wanted all of those letters to say "A" Well he did it. I think he learned a lesson that if he puts some time into his homework and does it right he can get GREAT grades. This past summer he has done several things that he has set a goal at doing. You will see some of those post soon.

Zach, you are the best kid ever. Love ya tons BUG!!!

Here he is. Waiting for his time in the chair.

They are GONE!!!!!
The white stuff is from them taking impressions of his teeth
so they could make his retainer.

Dr Graf, Zach and his assistant Linda. They sure do treat these kids great the day they get their braces off. Zach got a big bag of goodies that he has not been able to eat the last two years. Taffy, popcorn, hard candy.

Alpine Track and Field Days
Couple of days later was Alpine Days. Zach qualified for Shot Put this year. I am very proud that made it to Alpine Days because this year there was not much coaching for the field events. So he worked extra hard in the backyard throwing is 12 lb. shot put. Even tho he did not make it in the top 5 at Alpine Days I know that he did his best.

Way to go.

It was really cold and rainy during the event, so here is Jason trying to keep Zach's arms warm. He had to do this between each throw, since they were about 30-45 minutes apart.

Abby Roo and Zach Attack at the end of Alpine Days.
We are sooo proud of both of you. Abby rely team kicked but in their relys.
See you guys next year at the High School level.

Saturday, March 20, 2010



A big Happy Birthday to the best sister in law in the world.

Debi, you are the best and we are greatful to have you in our life.

Hope you had a great day.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Yes, we Are Alive

I know, I know. I have been away for awhile. I am home on a medical leave for a couple of weeks and my goal is to get my blog caught up.

So dont give up on us. The Tolmans have been very busy.

Keep watching to see what we have been up to.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


So this evening I was home by myself while the boys were a Priesthood. Lindsey who stays with us every other weekend while she works her shifts at the hospital came home and said that she was hungery. I suggested that we go get something to eat. I have been craving a baked potatoe, so I said, "Lets go to Jason's Deli." They have the best BIG baked potatoe. So off we went. We were driving behind the mall, when a guy came up to the car trying to get our attention. Lindsey said, "Look he is bleeding." Sure enought he was bleeding from the stomach and wanted us to call 911 for him. I told him to get lay down on the grass while I park my car. I grabbed a blanket out of the back of my car to start pressure on the wound and called 911. They said to have him lay down and start pressure. We were one step ahead of them. Then they said to elevate his legs, so some girls that stopped got out a tool box and did that. The dispatcher wanted details of what happen so this is what I was relying to the dispatcher as the guy(Iwill call him Joe. NOT HIS REAL NAME) told me. Joe was over by Golds Gym and a guy came up to him and asked him for money. Joe said that he did not have any money so the guy wanted to fight him. So Joe got punched in the face twice and then stabbed in the stomach. Dispatched asked for Joe's ID so I could give an address. He only had $4.00 in his wallet. I cant belive that we walked all the way over to the mall before someone saw him. Police finally got there after another guy stopped that happen to be an EMT and started helping the Joe with what I had in my first aid kit. Police interviews us and had Joe gone withing 5 minutes. After it was all over I was shaking like crazy. I was glad that I was there. I love things like that. The only sad part is the blanket that I used was on of my favorite. A fleece American flag that I had added a cute border too. All well it was for a good cause. I hope that Joe will be O.K.